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Pearson and Parish is based on the Sussex coast, working with clients on local, national and international levels. Providing a comprehensive writing and editing service for all print, web, blogs and social media channels for you to give your customers a consistent message that builds trust, strengthens relationships and encourages sales and retention.

Years of working in Europe and Asia collaborating with a variety of clients gives us a unique outlook. It also gives us a world of knowledge that we want to share with you and your customers. Pearson and Parish has worked with clients in arts and culture, travel and hospitality, leisure and lifestyle, business and finance, transport, and fiction writing among others.

Pearson and Parish will give you a consistent, engaging and professional voice across all your business or brand communications. Helping you build a recognisable, reliable business or brand message which speaks to your customers with a trusted, professional voice. We can transform your copy into fresh, flawless information that will entice customers to your door and keep them there.

Kate Burbidge launched Pearson & Parish editing services to capitalise on her freelance experience. She offers a fully rounded copywriting, copyediting and proofreading service. Producing content for all media, she  gives clients a consistent, engaging and professional voice across all communications platforms.

Feel free to read examples of our writing and editing work for our clients or browse Kate’s blog for a more informal read.
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