Editing, Copyediting, Proofreading

A round up of some of our editing, copyediting and proofreading projects for our clients.


Book editing projects

Mark Bibby Jackson’s Cambodian Trilogy
Orange is the new noir.The first two instalments following the adventures of Inspector Sorn Satya. Sorn is an unconventional major in the Royal Cambodian Police Force on the trail of assorted murderers, kidnappers and other unsavoury characters that populate the Cambodian underworld.
Jackson deftly weaves elegant plot twists, engaging characters and an expert understanding of place and people into hard-to-put-down thrillers, garnished with wry humour.
A third book is currently in development.


Proofreading and beta-reading projects

always, novella, mark bibby jackson






Always, a novella 
What would you do if you had unlimited wealth and how would you deal with the knowledge that this fortune is founded on murder? A man lives out the last week of his life in a cell. Knowing his inevitable fate, he is left to reflect on his life’s work. The only problem is that he is losing his memory.
Mark Bibby Jackson’s first novella asks discomforting questions about morality and mortality.

A Slow Death, a short story
One of Jackson’s first award winning stories it is a short, dark tale of a woman finally pushed too far. A Slow Death came third in the Essex Book Festival Crime Writing Short Story Competition 2016. 



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