Quality assured services delivered in a cost effective and timely manner.

Copywriting/Content Writing
 (from £40/hr)
Creating copy for a range of purposes: products, promotions, websites, blogs, social media posts, emails, letters. Producing content for any platform or occasion.

Heavy Revision/ Rewriting
 (from £35/hr)
Suggestions for significantly rewriting certain passages, content etc. to improve standard of English, to capture a particular voice or style (formal, informal, academic).

Content editing
(developmental/ substantive editing) (from £30/hr)
Helping the writer shape their prose. Checking the content for factual errors, contradictions, and inconsistencies. Fiction: checking for discrepancies in the plot, character, or dialogue. Checking whether the theme has been developed properly, characters are consistent and credible, whether the sub-plots have been well integrated into the story line. Evaluating the content in detail.

 (from £25/hr)
Ensuring that the manuscript’s syntax is smooth, that the writing adheres to the conventions of grammar, and that wording is proper and precise and punctuation is appropriate and correctly placed.
Suggesting/carrying out some reorganizing, recommending changes, including to chapter titles and subheadings, and call out lapses in logic or sequential/continuity slip-ups.
Checking for continuity, sentence structure, paragraph lengths, word choices, missed words etc. Correcting the language of the text. Often includes proofreading tasks.

Additional service (from £30/hr). For a document of significant length and only where requested, agreeing and compiling a style sheet, a statement of overall editorial policy (use of serial comma, numbers spelled out or in digital form) and a record of idiosyncratic word usage. Many style sheets also list all proper nouns to make sure names are always spelled and capitalised consistently.

 (from £20/hr)  
Checking copy for spelling, capitalisation, punctuation, verb tenses and other grammatical errors. Correction not revision. Checking all text including captions, citations, footers, headers, footnotes, endnotes etc. Searching for elements eg. a letter, a paragraph, a citation etc. that may have been inadvertently omitted, repeated or misplaced. Using house style, where applicable to check idiomatic usage is consistent. Catching grammatical errors or inconsistencies of style, flagging up errors – correcting or suggesting revisions when requested.

Additional service ( from £25/hr). Checking some print layout issues, eg. too many end-of-line hyphens in a row, or a word broken in half at the end of a column or page, widows and orphans, etc. Checking page numbers or recurring copy at the top or bottom of a page idents, chapter or book titles. Ensuring that the font and type size is consistent. Checking that captions match the content of the photographs or that references to tables, charts or figures are correct and relevant.

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